Discover the seeds and create the next whale

WhaleDAO is incubated by DAOSquare and is committed to helping high-quality projects around the world build their ecosystem in the Greater China region.

We’re believers in the DAO, so we’re particularly interested in projects that are based on decentralized ideas and concepts. We’re followers of the pioneering ideas, so we’re particularly interested in innovative projects. We’re value advocates, so we help only those projects that have a driving effect on the industry and society and create value for the industry and society.

WhaleDAO is composed of blockchain researchers, investors, community operations, media operations and other roles. We focus more on project research than on routine PR actions, so as to discover truly potential projects and help them grow.

Our vision is to link all value-based creation projects to build a truly prosperous Web3 world together.


  • Aragon
  • Terra
  • API3


  • Have the bigest DAO Commnities in China
  • The followers in Bihu are over 16000+
  • Quality columns on ChainNews, Bihu, Odaily, 8bit, Mars Finance, Jinse Finance, etc.
  • MetaCartel Venturs China powerd by DAOSquare, and more partnership of investors such as SNZ, Hashkey, etc.