BrightID is a public good that exists for the benefit of humanity. It is a nonintrusive, decentralized, open-source technology seeking to reform identity verification–and thus lay the groundwork for a free and democratic society.

    BrightID is a social identity network that allows people to prove to applications that they aren’t using multiple accounts. It solves the unique identity problem through the creation and analysis of a social graph.

    BrightID brings unique identity verification to consumers, citizens, and organizations worldwide. It’s a foundational piece for a more secure and democratic future as we enter the digital era.

    Eliminates Bots

    Ensures unique users are participating rather than bots or bad actors within a network.

    Distributed Governance

    Enables applications or organizations to confidently create one user one account systems.

    User Privacy

    Doesn’t require any personal data or government IDs. Instead, uses social graph technology to ensure a user is unique without intruding on their privacy and sensitive information.

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